Application for membership in the Association is open to all persons 18 years and over:


Ordinary Members

  • You were born in Saint Lucia and residing in the Ottawa region.
  • You were born outside of Saint Lucia, but of Saint Lucian parent(s) and residing in the Ottawa region
  • You are Saint Lucians by naturalization and residing in the Ottawa region.
  • You are a spouse or child of any of the “designated Saint Lucians”


Honorary Members

  • Honorary membership may be conferred by the Association on any person, irrespective of nationality, who has contributed to the advancement of the St. Lucian Community. Also, honorary membership may be conferred on any person who in the opinion of the Executive Committee will advance the objectives of the Association.
  • An honorary member is entitled to take part in any of the activities of the Association except to have the right to vote and hold office